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Paradigm shift.

Advanced technology.

These words and phrases often feel overused when discussing new investments.  At True Velocity, we consider them to be fundamental descriptors of our lightweight composite munitions business. 

True Velocity is a Texas-based advanced-technology polymer company focused on disrupting the ammunition industry.  Our Vision Statement is simple:  Produce the best ammunition in the world.  Further, we are focused on realizing our Mission Statement:  True Velocity provides an overwhelming advantage to our customers by innovating outstanding munitions… We succeed by investing in our team and products to ensure sustained profitability for all stakeholders.

In recognition of our technology and munitions quality, True Velocity formed a collaborative partnership with General Dynamics on the development of the Department of Defense (“DoD”) Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (“NGSAR”) for which we supply the ammunition.  This revolutionary contract – the most meaningful change to arms and ammunition by the DoD since the Vietnam War – stipulates the ammunition must weigh 20% less than comparable brass and exceed 3,000 feet per second in velocity.  The True Velocity round outperforms against both thresholds.  Globally, we have Request for Quotations (“RFQ’s”) that represent roughly $300,000,000 in sales and approximately 175,000,000 rounds.  We have received our first two Purchase Orders (“PO”) and continue to work diligently to convert more of our RFQ’s into firm PO’s.  We stand ready to capitalize on the surge in demand that lies ahead.

The global ammunition market, estimated at $25 billion annually, has seen little change since the brass cartridge was developed in the 1800’s.  Despite a desire for a lighter alternative to heavier brass, technology and polymer constraints have precluded a viable alternative from being found… until now.  True Velocity has the capability to produce nearly all small caliber variants, accounting for approximately $12 billion annually, including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 50 caliber.

Just a few of the many attributes that differentiate True Velocity munitions from brass include:

What may have felt premature in our infancy ten years ago has proven to be prescient today.  We have rigorously sought to protect nearly every aspect of our designs, as well as our processes, through patents and trade secrets.  In fact, we recently engaged Aon to conduct a study on the strength and breadth of our Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio.  Their findings validate our actions:  we currently own, or have filed for, over 90% of the IP in the lightweight ammunition segment and own more than six times the number of patents of our nearest competitor.  Additionally, Aon assessed the value of our IP portfolio.  If interested, please click here to complete the release letter and receive their findings.

We have attended numerous industry events already this year (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (“SHOT”) show, Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, Enforcetac, US Army Special Operations Command Sniper Competition, NATO Supply and Procurement Agency, and several more) with many more to come.  True Velocity has also appeared in several publications highlighting our revolutionary product.  Read what Guns & Ammo magazine and what Shooting Times wrote here

To learn more about True Velocity and our team, our industry, our products and capabilities, and the investment opportunity and exit strategies, please browse our website or click the link above to access the investment documents.  We are looking for capital partners interested in achieving our same goals:  Provide our customers with an unfair advantage on the battlefield; and, invest in and grow an amazing market opportunity.




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