Our technology generates strategic and tactical advantages, including better performance than the polymer and brass ammunition available in today’s market.

Options for Signature Reduction

  • White Shell Casing
    Casing available in multiple colors. Color code composite to match projectile type and low signature requirements.
  • Tan Shell Casing
    Reduces weapons signature. Weapon remains cooler. Provides substantial flash reduction. Spent casing is cool to touch.
  • Brown Shell Casing
    Weighs 30% less. Easy to carry and considerably lighter than brass.
  • Green Shell Casing
    100% Recyclable. Low-impact on the environment.
  • Accurate

    Delivered through our proprietary technology.

  • Environment Friendly

    Reduction in heavy metal byproducts

  • Scalable

    Scalable technology from 5.56 NATO through 14.5mm. Technology allows rapid design modifications.

Quality is Our Responsibility

Our automated facility produces ammunition of various calibers to the exacting standards required by our customers.

"Lean" is our culture.

True Velocity’s production technology reduces the footprint by 80% when compared to a traditional brass facility. TV’s culture of innovation allows for rapid development of new products.

Ammo Production
Precision Matters

TV fabricates to an ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Our state-of-the-art facility and detailed inspection test plans allows us to achieve a 1.67 Cpk quality standard.

True Velocity Factory
Reliability Matters

A consistently dependable product.

Through the collaboration of science, technology, and ballistic subject matter experts, True Velocity’s ammunition is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the next generation weapon and modernization strategy.

Sniper Taking Aim

Successful Test Platforms for Ammunition

TV’s ammunition meets DoD ballistic and function test requirements in all current weapon systems.